Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All Guns Malfunction | Monderno

All Guns Malfunction | Monderno:

Yesterday, I shared a rare but interesting malfunction reported firsthand by Fortress Defenseinstructor Frank Sharpe, and to say that some feathers were ruffled would be putting it mildly. Predictably, experts from all over were quick to point out that it was operator error (read you’re doing it wrong), there were claims that it was staged (yeah, because who has ever heard of a 1911 malfunctioning?), and of course, there were claims by many that their [insert manufacturer/model here] never malfunctions.
Some of you don’t seem to get it, so let me fill you in on something…
All guns malfunction.
Granted, some guns malfunction more than others, but they all do from time to time. Before you scroll down to the comments to let me know that your [insert manufacturer/model here] has eleventy-billion flawless rounds through it, let me qualify my use of the word “all”.
“All” in this context means every type of gun, not every instance of the type. For example, whether you like Glocks or not, it’s generally accepted that the Gen3 Glock 19 is one of the most reliable pistols ever made. But even with this well-deserved reputation, Gen3 Glock 19′s still malfunction from time to time, malfunctions that are 100% a problem with the gun. I’ve seen it firsthand (for those of you who don’t follow Monderno, I carry a Glock 19 every day).
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Observation Skills for Survival | PrepographyPrepography

Observation Skills for Survival | PrepographyPrepography: | 
Andrew’s Note:  One of the things I like about the Army and the military in general is that we have a manual where you can learn just about anything you want to know including a lot of skills that are of value to the preparedness minded prepper.   Being able to observe and avoid trouble is a key survival skill for a prepper who operates alone or in much smaller groups than the typical soldier on the battlefield.   It’s important to develop your observations skills for survival and today’s extract from the 3 August, 1984 Edition of the United States Army’s Field Manual, FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier (Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited) may help.  
While written for soldiers operating on a battlefield the skills are readily transferable and will help you develop observation skills for survival.  Elements in italics below have been added by the editor.  This extract is the entire fourth chapter, titled Observation:


During all types of operations, you will be looking for the enemy [or potential adversary].  However, there will be times when you will be posted in an observation post (OP) to watch for enemy activity [as your sole or primary mission].
An OP is a position from which you watch an assigned sector of observation and report all activity seen or heard in your sector.  Chapter 6 provides guidance on collecting and reporting information learned by observation.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Information Operations, Part Three: Operational Security — Guerrillamerica

Information Operations, Part Three: Operational Security — Guerrillamerica: "Information Operations, Part Three: Operational Security
Administrivia: I’ve posted dates for the next ICAC on the Training page.  We have a few seats left for those so inclined."

Poor Operations Security (OPSEC) leads to mission failure.  We cover OPSEC in pretty good detail in the ICAC,and this is a decent recap.  Because good OPSEC is going to be critical to any mission set or activities, I feel the need to cover it here.  Also, keep in mind that when I say “post-SHTF” I mean it in both the prepper and resistance sense.
Cleaning supplies go under the sink.  Canned goods go into the pantry.  Cups and dishes go into the cupboard.  All these items reside in the kitchen, but each type of product has its place.  Alternatively, we’ve all heard the idiom, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  This is compartmentalization.
Similarly, if pieces of information are our kitchen products then we put them, too, in their proper places.  All the information resides within the ACE (or maybe within the members of the ACE team), but not every individual knows everything.  In the military and intelligence communities, it’s called “need to know.”  If you don’t ‘need to know’ then you don’t know (or shouldn’t know).
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ITS Tactical - Alfred E. Neuman (prepperville@hushmail.com) - Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy

ITS Tactical - Alfred E. Neuman (prepperville@hushmail.com) - Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy:

Just two months from now, we’ll be kicking off the second annual ITS Tactical Muster and we couldn’t be more excited. During this nearly week-long skill building excursion, we’ll be focusing on many of the core topics that we advocate here on ITS.
The Muster enables us to interact hands-on with our community and bring valuable skill-set applications to likeminded individuals. Those attending will be pushed both mentally and physically through the activities planned, no matter your ability. While the Muster is sold out for this year, this is an annual event that continues to grow.
The ITS Crew is busy with planning on our end but you’ll find some articles below you can use to prepare if you’re one of the lucky attendees. It’s the perfect time to brush up on your knots or maybe some lock picking. These aren’t just useful skills to know in general, but will help give you the leg up if you find yourself in a friendly competition. Remember, it pays to be a winner!
Here are some of the other skills we’ll be going over during the Muster. Even if you aren’t attending, these links will give you some important skill-set information to learn and practice.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Starving the Monkeys™, Vocational Terrorism

Starving the Monkeys™, Vocational Terrorism: "For years, I've written about how the Grand Parasites use economic terrorism at the macro level to herd the masses this way and that. Important legislative decisions and elections are routinely swayed by strategically placed rumors of cliffs and collapses which will destroy us all if we fail to drive ourselves into their cages. At the individual level, however, control over behavior and attitudes were, in the recent past, expressed more subtly, taking the form of "well, I better just shut up at work/church/home/wherever and not make waves".

This subtle influence is the more benign end of a swath of influences over the individual which I like to call "vocational terrorism", which is the attempted destruction of a person's ability to earn a living by “outing” their nonconformist views to others, especially to their employers and clients. In a way, this is the modern version of starving a population by moving them off of their property so that they then lack the means of subsistence. Vocational terrorism is much more insidious and clever; the person still appears to be intact and in his home, for now, but his very soul and value to his family and others is hollowed out. "

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10 advantages of the Glock | The Daily Caller

10 advantages of the Glock | The Daily Caller: "10 advantages of the Glock

By Patrick Sweeney, Gun Digest

According to Corey Graff, Gun Digest’s editor, Master Gunsmith Patrick Sweeney is no starry-eyed fanboy of the Glock. Just read his new book, Glock Deconstructed, and you’ll see why. But even Sweeney, who authored 1911: The First 100 Years—and countless other articles on the Glock v. 1911 debate—could not discount the advantages of the Glock auto pistol. Here are his top 10 from the Gun Digest Book of the Glock."

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Choosing a survival pistol and here is my choice | The Daily Caller

Choosing a survival pistol and here is my choice | The Daily Caller: "Choosing a survival pistol and here is my choice

By Scott Wagner, LivingReadyOnline.com

Let me put the five principles from my previous post together in making a decision concerning a pistol. Clearly, I am examining only one selection, because there are MANY pistols available that would work in this role, which I will discuss in the future. The pistol I am going to examine is my all-time favorite combat pistol: The Beretta 92FS. This is known to the military as the M9 or M9A1."

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Preparing & Reacting To Riots « ModernSurvivalOnline.com

Preparing & Reacting To Riots « ModernSurvivalOnline.com: "Preparing & Reacting To Riots

by Irish-7, Editor at Large


Considering the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman in the high profile case involving the SELF DEFENSE shooting of Trayvon Martin, I thought it would be beneficial to go over some safety precautions and actions in event of potential riots."

  My first piece of advice in preparing for possible civil disturbance or violent attack by a mob applies to more than just riots. In fact, it is vital to almost every survival situation. If it is lawful in your state, GET A CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT! Laws have changed considerably in the past 2 decades with respect to issue of licenses to carry a loaded firearm. Research your local laws. Many states are now “Shall Issue” that were previously “May Issue”. This means, if you pass the required background investigation, the approving authority (usually the County Sheriff’s Department, state or local police) must give you a permit. There are currently only around 10 “May Issue” states remaining. So, chances are the process is easier than you think. It is the prudent thing to do.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rule of Threes: A Matter of Priorities in a Survival Situation : ITS Tactical

The Rule of Threes: A Matter of Priorities in a Survival Situation : ITS Tactical: "The second worst feeling in the world, is that feeling you get the moment you realize you’re lost. I’m not talking about when you can’t find your car in the Home Depot parking lot, or took a wrong turn and have no idea where you are. What I am talking about is suddenly accepting that you don’t know where you are, or have no idea where to go and have no one available to help you out.

If you get lost driving around a strange town or can’t find your way due to taking the wrong exit out of the mall, you are disoriented. To “orient” yourself literally means to face the Orient or Eastern World (conversely, Occidental refers to the Western World).

In these situations where you may not know which way is which, you can often pull over at a gas station or pop back in Spencer’s and someone will help you get it figured out. But when you’re lost in some remote location and have no clue where to go, that’s a real problem. So what should you do?"

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Top 10 Emergency Preparedness Reasons to Carry Cash - PrepographyPrepography

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness Reasons to Carry Cash - PrepographyPrepography: "Top 10 Preparedness Reasons to Carry Cash
Posted August 17, 2012 | By Andrew J. Jackson
Our world is so digitized and automated that a lot of folks have stopped carrying cash.  Think about it…when you’re checking out at the grocery or hardware store…how many people in front of you whip out a piece of plastic to pay for their purchases."

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Comment on Covert Movement

I'll try and keep this post short. That usually turns out to be harder than you think, as I start getting into the topic. I saw an interesting post on the American Mercenary blog: 'Moving Groups'. I am moved to comment.

So yes, a lot of this depends on the exact scenario you find yourself in. We are not soldiers on a  foreign battlefield. It really just depends on how the situation pans out when you end up fighting those 'enemies foreign and domestic'. A few good points have been made out there in the blogosphere lately. Mosby with his 'Underground Tradecraft' post (part 1), and other comments about the likelihood of taking off into the woods in camo and a boonie hat (I'm game....).

It may be SHTF and you are able to wear your best camo.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Denninger: Face It – You’re Afraid. Why? | Western Rifle Shooters Association

Denninger: Face It – You’re Afraid. Why? | Western Rifle Shooters Association:

"Faced with the ever-burgeoning face of Evil as every freedom-minded man and woman is today,

 I believe there is no better explanation of the path forward than the following:

You don’t think everyone associated with this little outpost on the Internet isn’t already identified and marked for special processing?


Wake up.

Get things straight in your head.

While you still have time.

These are the good old days.

And they are coming to an end.

Audentes fortuna iuvat."

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Counterinsurgency Cops | Western Rifle Shooters Association

Counterinsurgency Cops | Western Rifle Shooters Association: "A superlative article by Herschel, in the same key as Balko’s work.

Spread it near and far – especially to the “normal” people in your circle.

And use it also for a human terrain mission:

Send the link via email to each of your county supervisors demanding a written answer to your question, “How are you going to keep the residents of this county safe from this paramilitary police horse manure?”

When they fail to reply meaningfully, you will have learned very important information about the human terrain in your AO.

Use that info wisely."

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The Quisling American | ..Trying Times

The Quisling American | ..Trying Times: "The Quisling American

AUGUST 5, 2013
I read blogs, media lies, newsletters and all sorts of political dog shit every day and the only thing that’s common to all of it is that, to paraphrase Apocalypse Now, “everyday this war drags on we get weaker and charlie gets stronger”.. except in our present reality we aint charlie and we aint getting stronger.. our enemy is because we keep waiting to stop him.
On another note every day this week there are reports of more and more govt agencies acting against us in more ways than I can imagine, DHS, FBI, ATF.. all the mullahs men in concert to shut us up, shut us down, steal our resources and take our Liberty expecting no reaction or reprisal for a cowed population of dead beat lazy bastards who no longer deserve their own freedom because they no longer value anything but themselves."

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Apple patents tech to let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi | Flyover-Press.com

Apple patents tech to let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi | Flyover-Press.com: "Apple patents tech to let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi
Posted on August 12, 2013 by Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.
So they can pummel with impunity

by    Nick Farrell  in Rome     
Police forces around the world have had the problem that when their officers get a bit carried away and start pepper spraying tied captives there is someone on hand filming the event on their mobile phones.

While six police lay into prone grannies on the floor with long batons, the pictures can be on the net in seconds, meaning supervisors have to answer embarrassing questions.

But they may not need to fear scrutiny much longer – Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, whenever they like."

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Seasoned Citizen Prepper Looting? | Seasoned Citizen Prepper

Seasoned Citizen Prepper Looting? | Seasoned Citizen Prepper: "LOOTING?
Posted by: Rourke | on August 12, 2013


By “The Coach”

 Editor At Large

 I live in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. During Hurricane Katrina I worked in the central business district of New Orleans. I am one of the people that were called into work on Sunday, August 28, 2005 as hurricane Katrina approached southeast Louisiana. Because of this, I could not evacuate and rode out Katrina in downtown New Orleans.

 I have always thought I knew what I needed to know and could survive most disasters, both natural and manmade. I was sadly mistaken.

 When disasters strikes, you are sometimes left without any governmental and/or electricity, gas, sewage or potable water services that we are used to for hours, days, sometimes weeks. For the people that did not or could not evacuate New Orleans during and after hurricane Katrina, we did not have any assistance for two weeks and public utilities for much longer than that. We were on our own, totally."

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AmericanMercenary: Moving groups

AmericanMercenary: Moving groups: "AMERICANMERCENARY
11 AUGUST 2013

Moving groups
There is no perfect tactic that always wins.  There is no perfect strategy that never fails.  Being a good military planner or commander always involves a lot of personal judgement about the enemy, terrain, and capabilities of the units involved.  I wish I could reduce warfare to a manual, but better men than I have tried, and they got a lot of people killed because of it."

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